# Overview

Storage is BytePower's data persistent storage service that provides efficient access to user uploaded information such as images, audio, video, etc., allowing you to achieve fast and flexible data access.

# Storage

BytePower provides storage services for user data. In addition to in-application data storage, BytePower also supports storage of "file" data. Here, "file" refers to common file types such as pictures, music, videos, and any other binary data. Because of the size limit of a single message, data over 2M can't be stored directly; more importantly, for pictures, music, videos, etc., because of their large size, additional CDN acceleration service is required for a fast download experience for end users.

# Data Service

BytePower abstracts and unifies the back-end requirements for most scenarios, creating the corresponding data processing APIs for stored user data, which mainly include querying, modifying and deleting. It supports querying and processing of all your own data.

# Permission Control

BytePower provides flexible rights control for users and flexible rights management configuration for unused data areas. The user data area can only be accessed and processed by the corresponding user.

Last Updated: 11/17/2023, 6:26:48 PM